About Us

Our mission is to let everyone know what the joy of sailing is and make it available for more and more people. On countless destinations worldwide including the Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas, the Indian and Pacific ocean, Asia, America and Europe, from ordinary to luxury , we assist you in the process of hiring a ship, providing a great range of choice.

You are either a lover of catamarans or monohull ships, you are either beginner or an experinced sailor, we encourage you to set sail and share the joy of sailing. Our devoted team members will help you with professional advice and excusively taylored solutions.

All the members of our team are keen on sailing and have many years of experience. Our captains have been gathering their miles on seas all over the world. Due to their remarkable local knowledge and skills, we can provide you unique experiences during voyages organized by our team wherever you are in the world.

We’ll help you discover the freedom of being on water.

Widen your view and enjoy the amazing sunset , the local gastronomy, the peace of seas, or if you’d like, the excitment of plashing waves. Enjoy the company of your friends or make new friendships. All you need to is contacting us.


Our motto is simple, clear and perfectly summerizes everything:


The happy flow!

Friot Ship Management

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