When to schedule my holiday?

Holiday is immediatelly associated with summer, however, it is a more compound question. In fact, on South European seas like Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, France or Spain, you can sail from April to October in very pleasant weather conditions. Whereas, in the winter period more exotic destinations like the Caribbeans, the Seychelles, Thailand or Bora Bora are recommended to discover.

How long is your sailing holiday?

The shifts are mostly one week long, that is from Saturday to Saturday. Also, you usually have the possibility for longer rent (from Saturday to Tuesday/Wednesday, or Tuesday/Wednesday to Saturday) and you might as well go on a 10 to 14-day-long holiday.

How can I find the suitable ship for my holiday?

What else can be easier? If you have the destination, date and the desired ship, the seach will help you. If you are still unsure click here to ask for an offer.

What does it mean ’bareboat charter’?

In this case no crew – captain, host/ess, cook –   is provided automatically to the ship. Obviously, it does not mean that you cannot get help. If you need, we can recommend you skilled crew with local knowledge and experience.

What does it mean ’crewed charter’?

In this case the ship rent goes with a crew – captain, host/ess, cook – who are mainly local citizens and speak the local language, as well.

Do I need to have sailing licence to rent a ship?

Not at all! The sailing holiday is available for everyone, because a skilled captain can be hired in this case.

I have a sailing licence. Is it suitable for my purpose?

It depends on what kind of ship you want to rent. If you have chosen the desired ship, copy and send us your certificate, and we will contact with the lessor.

Can I hire a captain to the ship?


Is the captain’s fee included in the renting price?

Only in case of hiring a crewed charter, otherwise the captain’s fee is an additional cost.

How much is a sailing holiday?

It depends on the following factors: the planned date, destination, the type of ship, its equipment and age. Every tour is different. Ask for a specified offer and we will let you know the exact price.

If I book the ship, when and how do I have to pay?

You have to pay the half of the price when you finalize your booking and we sign the contract. The second half is due 35 days – the latest – prior the departure.

Can I cancel my booking?

The conditions and concequences of cancellation are included in the contract. We recommend to have a cancellation insurance, just in case, not to suffer any loss.

What is the garantee to receive the ship I paid for?

We take part in the transaction as agents. We do not hold the money back but transfer it immediately further to the lessors. They confirm the transfer as soon as they have received it. From that moment, they take the responsibility to provide the chosen ship to you for as long time as you paid for.

What to do during the holiday besides sailing?

This kind of holiday is, of course, not only about being on the way non-stop but exploring the surrouning area where we are, and enjoying sweet chilling. Daytime we stay in protected bays where we can swim, snorkel, SUP or simply read and sleep in the shadow. After landing we can ride a bike, a scooter or a mule, drive a car or go on foot to discover closer or futher areas around the bay. Additional programs can be – depending on the local possibilities – jet-skiing, water-skiing or experiencing nightlife.

Where to sail during the holiday?

Wherever wind blows and we feel like. Wherever we can see beautiful and exciting places.


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