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Business and private events on ships anywhere in the world

We arranged the business and private events to create a balanced mix of challenge, education and joy. We motivate and encourage your team with dynamic events fulfilling your requrements.

No doubt, that common experiences have an instinctly motivating effect on your colleagues and make cohesion stronger among the team members. Closer contacts create longer- term commitments. As a consequence, all these positive outcomes make your company grow more prosperously.

We have many years of experience at organizing fascinating and motivating events. We ensure you that our team make everything flawless. We always have a spare idea, in case of the unexpected.

We are working on understanding your concrete goals of your incentive event. We exclusively taylor the program to meet your needs instead of trying to find a universal solution.

Here are some ideas:

  • New skills: learn navigation , theory of sailing, outrigging, astronomy and gastronomy.
  • Tasks: Activities for each boat team as well as the whole team.
  • Competition element: Sailing requires teamwork and challenges urge cooperation, for example winning the desired Sailing Cup on a competition regatta.
  • Extended horizon: Teams can take their time to discover the destination fot the sake of the added value.

It is unique from Croatia to the Caribbean Sea we organize:

  • Teambuilding
  • Business event
  • Private event
  • Sailing regatta

Choose your destination, send us the number of participants and after a personal meeting, the best routes will be worked out and the most suitable ships will be found for you. On request food and beverage packages can be arranged.

  • Number of participants: between 5-100
  • Where? : any sailing area
  • When? : Anytime depending on the given destination and its best time to sail there. We give you advice with pleasure.
  • Period: 3 to 6 days
  • Captain: We provide a professional captain who we choose based on local experience and knowledge.
  • Hostess, cook: available on request
  • Operators: One or two colleagues are always present to make everything flawless
  • Accommodation: On well-equipped, comfortable ships
  • Meeting/ Conference room: on request venues can be offered on the land
  • Entertainment: On request we arrange exciting programs both on land and sea

You do not need and sailing/shipping experience!!!

Each member of our team is highly skilled sailor, having gained sailing experince on international seas, as well.

Make the common experience a real switch-out, make the team get together stress-free.