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We can help you make your trip unforgettable, get a free consultation!

  • We can help you choose the best ship for your needs and your destination.
  • Based on our personal experience, we will tell you what you need to know about your destination.

Go sailing safely and comfortably!

Rent a ship with a professional and frienly captain and enjoy your sailing holiday, relax in peace. Our experienced captains make you boat ride a stress-free relaxation, where you only need to choose the place of lunch, dinner and snorkling ( if you need, we will help you with ideas and suggestions). This way, you and your guests will receive a relaxing holiday with no troubles.

You do not need sailing experience to rent a ship!

To spend your holiday on the sea, you only need to do the following steps:

  • Choose your destination.
  • Choose a ship.
  • We will suggest you a captain with experience in the certain area.
  • Lean back and enjoy youself.

If you think there are too many choices and you need advice, do not hesitate and contact us. We will help you with choosing.

For whom do we suggest it?

Our goal is to make your sailing as enjoyable as possible. The perfect way of sailing is hiring a captain if you do not have the experience, or if you do not have the suitable licence, or you simply want to relax instead of being a captain yourself.

For adventureres, explorers, for the ones who want to relax and for sailors, as well!

For the lovers of adventures who want to discover new destinations but cannot sail.

You do not need to see the same view from you hotel any more. We will help you with with choosing a ship and a captain . This way, you will have a new perspective to explore your favourite seaside.

For sailors of the sea who would rather relax with their friends and family instead of taking the wheel.

Sometimes you do nor want the be the leader. While sailing is enjoyable for everyone else, it can be a hard work for the captain. If you hire a captain, you are free from duties and all the responsibilities belong to an expert.

For the ones who do not have a suitable licence or experience for the chosen destination.

You do not have the suitable licence or experince but you want to sail? Do not worry about it, we well help you! You can go sailing anywhere in the world with our skilleded captains! You can even learn from them if you want.

For the ones who want to explore new destination comfortably, without any risk.

You have possibly been sailing for years but you want to try new destinations which is well-known to be a challenge and requires serious navigation knowledge. You can get useful experience with the help of our captains, so next time you can go sailing on your own to the newly explored areas.

For beginner sailors who want to improve their self-confidence and experience.

If you have just started sailing and this is your first time, it is worth going for it with an experienced captain. You can learn a lot about sailing next to a skilled captain and you can impove your knowlegde without any pressure on you.