Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and the eighth largest in Europe. It is located between Italy, Spain, Tunisia and France (Corsica). The other name of the island was Sandalyon (footprint), probably because of the shape of the island. The word ‘Sardinia’ comes from the name of the Sardanian people (sea people).

It is known for its white sandy beaches and miles of coastline

La Maddalena archipelago
The archipelago of La Maddalena is the first national park in Sardinia, covering more than 20.000 hectares. It is home to a huge flora and fauna, many of which are super rare.

Alghero is one of the best attractions in Sardinia, where local people still speak Catalan. In the city center you should definitely go for shopping, many shops sell coral trinkets.

Barbagia is the wildest region in Sardinia, where you can really immerse yourself in Mediterranean nature and Sardinian culture.

Arutas beach
Arutas is one of the pearls of western Sardinia. Its unique rice-grained sand attracts thousands of visitors. Unfortunately this is one of the beaches with the highest rate of sand theft, which is a crime.

Tombs of Domus de Janas and the Giants
Domus de Janas and the Tombs of the Giants are both old burial sites. These are huge megaliths that have either been carved inside rocks or erected as a menhir complex.

The climate of Sardinia is typically Mediterranean: mild winter and warm summer with significant rainfall in the north and west, and little on the coast and in the south.

Due to the low humidity, the summer heat is easily tolerated with an average summer temperature of 35 degrees Celsius.

Sardinia is a windy region with dominant winds of mistral and sirocco.
The mistral lowers summer temperatures and due to its high speed, often causes problems in navigation.

The language spoken is Italian.

Citizens from countries outside the European Union are required to present a passport valid for at least three months beyond the intended stay in Italy.

The currency is the EURO (EUR).
MasterCard and American Express are widely accepted but you may be charged a service fee if you pay by card.

Getting online is easy with plenty of Wi-Fi spots across independent cafes and restaurants.